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We can help you tailor a diet to meet your pet’s individual needs to ensure a longer and healthier life. Behavioral problems are the leading cause of pet abandonment. It is our goal to make sure this doesn’t happen to you! Many behavioral problems can be improved and cured with proper training and occasionally medication.

We offer a wide array of surgical services for dogs and cats. Spays (ovariohysterectomy) and castrations are done on a routine basis to help control the pet population. There are also many health benefits to these procedures such as reducing the risk of cancer, less behavioral problems and also decreased skin and allergy problems.

Dental health is very important for the overall wellness of your pet. Yearly dental screenings are done during your pet’s wellness examination. The veterinarian will determine the stage of dental disease and may recommend a dental cleaning. Most pets will need their teeth cleaned several times in their life, but some much more often.

We'll Take Good Care of You!

Middlebury Animal Clinic offers a variety of services. We are dedicated to providing high quality veterinary medicine, client education, and developing long-term relationships with you and your pet.


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Sara Granberg - DoctorDoctor

Sara Granberg

Dr. Sara Granberg has been at MAC since the beginning of 2015. She is a 2002 graduate from the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. She and her husband, Justin, live in Middlebury. They have three kids, Sage, Colt and Tate. On their farm they have American Quarter Horses, ducks, chickens, turkeys, Hereford hogs and lambs. Daryl and Larry are the newest additions to the family. They are Great Pyrenees puppies who are the best of friends. Two cats, Pepper and Playa round out their brood. Dr. Granberg loves to garden, spend time with family and friends, ride horses and ballroom dance in her spare time. Dr. Granberg's favorite part of her job is that medicine is always changing. She enjoys the challenge of keeping up to date with the most modern technologies and information in order to best serve our clients.

Amber Sheppard - DoctorDoctor

Amber Sheppard

Dr. Amber Sheppard is a 2013 graduate of Purdue Universtiy School of Veterinary Medicine. She has worked at MAC for four years. Her favorite part of her job is doing surgery and interacting with clients. Dr. Sheppard lives in Mishawaka with her husband, Nick. They are the proud "parents" to a one year old Labradoodle named Winnie and two cats, Theodore and Sophia. In November they welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Olivia Jean, into the world! In her spare time, Dr. Sheppard enjoys riding her bike and spending time with family and friends.

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I love Dr. Sheppard! I love that they love our animals and our animals love them! I highly recommend Middlebury Animal Clinic!
Alerie Gingerich Elkhart County Resident
Staff was wonderful and the clinic is very clean. Thanks so much for great care for our kitties!
Richelle CulpElkhart County resident
I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else! Middlebury Animal Clinic has great vets and great staff -- I love them!
Carol BellLocal resident
Middlebury Animal Clinic provides the best loving caring and they are gentle! Only the finest for my babies. 🙂
Melissa Custer-ThomasMiddlebury resident
Middlebury Animal Clinic is a great place to take your pets. The vets really care about your 4 legged family members and the staff is awesome!
Cathy StammElkhart resident


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