Why does my dog’s breath smell so bad?

Our dog’s love to lick our faces and give us kisses any chance they get.  When their breath is so bad, they almost knock you out, it may be time for a dental cleaning.   Can you imagine what your teeth would look and smell like if you didn’t brush your teeth for years?  And, if maybe your eating habits included things like bathroom trash, litter box delights and an occasional dead thing from your yard?  ICK!  It’s no wonder Fido’s breath gets so bad!  Bacteria builds up on our pet’s teeth and forms a hard brown coating known as plaque.  The bacteria in the plaque enter the bloodsteam in the gums and can lead to painful gingivitis and even kidney or heart disease.  If your pet’s breath is knocking you out, bring them in today for a free dental screening with one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians to see if it is time for a thorough cleaning!