Is your Pet’s Itching and Scratching Keeping You Up at Night?

It’s that time of  year!  We are getting lots of calls about itchy dogs and cats.  As the seasons start to change in this area, we see an increase in seasonal allergies.  Allergies can be anything from itchy ears to a rash on the skin to chewing at feet.  There are so many things that can cause our pet’s allergies which can make it very hard to accurately determine the exact cause.

This time of year one of the most common allergies we see is flea allergies.  As the summer ends, the flea population soars and continues to thrive through the fall.  Not all pets are allergic to fleas.  Some dogs and cats just get a little itchy if they have fleas, others will lose hair over their rear end and rear legs, have sores from constant itching and be completely miserable.  There are many good flea preventatives that can help prevent this miserable condition.

Airborne allergens are common for our pets as well.  Pollen, dust, mold and dander can wreak havoc on our pet’s allergies, just like ours!  Signs can be licking feet or legs, shaking head, scratching, scooting, and hair loss.  If you see any of these signs of discomfort in your pet, we can help.  There are many safe anti-histamines and even a new medication to stop the itch cycle while your pet heals.

Occasionally, due to allergies, your pet may develop a secondary yeast or bacterial infection on their skin or in their ears.  This may require antibiotics or medicated shampoo.  It is important to get treatment quickly if you see sores or notice any abnormal odor.

We want your pets to be as comfortable and healthy as possible, just like  you do.  We work with each individual animal to make sure the treatment course is safe, effective and provides immediate relief from this itchy situation!


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  1. Kim Landrum April 4, 2018 at 12:19 am · · Reply

    Flea and tick medicine for Honey and Peanut. I had them tested at Fedore Vet
    Clinic in Michigan. What are your prices on them, also need prices on heart worm pills for 70#. Please let me know so I can compare prices.

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