Playing with Puppies!

One thing vets get to do almost everyday is hug a puppy!  Puppies are always coming in for vaccines and well visits and it is our job to make them as happy and comfortable here as possible.

Around every corner in our clinic and on the front desk, there are treat containers.  Most (sadly, not all) dogs love treats!  An easy way  for us to earn your pet’s trust and make fast friends is to sit down with your dog and feed them a few treats!  Treats also make a great aid during an exam of a nervous or wiggly dog.

Positive Experiences for Puppies

Puppies go through a very important socialization period from 6-16 weeks of age.  As many new, positive experiences as possible should be had during this time.  That’s why we try to make your puppy’s visit so enjoyable.  We even trim nails while snuggling and feeding treats to help teach your puppy that it’s not a scary thing.  This kind of positive socialization will make all of your pet’s future vet visits more more relaxing for your pet and for you too!

When our pets are scared or nervous, it makes us concerned too.  But, when they are happy, you are happy and so are we.  Our goal is for you AND your pet to have a postive experience in our clinic!


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